Tampa Bay Abortion Fund Launching Fundraising Campaign to Support Out-of-State Travel for Florida Abortion Seekers

Tampa Bay Abortion Fund Launching Fundraising Campaign to Support Out-of-State Travel for Florida Abortion Seekers

This necessary funding will help provide practical support to pregnant people who must access care outside of Florida due to the state’s unnecessary restrictions


TAMPA, FL — August 15, 2022 — Tampa Bay Abortion Fund launched a new fundraising campaign this week for the travel costs and practical support of our clients who are forced to seek abortion care outside of Florida because of the state’s unnecessary 15-week abortion ban. TBAF calculated $300,000 would cover the estimated travel costs of 240 more Floridians affected by the ban through the end of 2022 without impacting the fund’s budget for procedures.

“While we’ve been humbled by the tremendous outpouring of community support since the Dobbs decision and the implementation of the 15-week ban, our next hurdle is to support our clients who must travel out-of-state with their travel costs,” says Kris Lawler, TBAF Board President.

Tampa Bay Abortion Fund’s current budget covers procedure costs as needed in Tampa Bay and allows TBAF to contribute to procedure costs with their established partners throughout the country for Floridians forced to travel out-of-state for abortion care. Unfortunately, TBAF’s crisis planning did not include a budget for out-of-state traveling costs, as the fund anticipated being able to leverage the large, well-established national organizations long in place to support travelers. 

“The travel need nationally has overwhelmed our partners, and TBAF has been forced to step in to ensure our neighbors can access care,” Lawler adds. “Providing abortion access is a community responsibility, so we are once again calling on our incredible community in the Tampa Bay area and beyond to help our fellow Floridians get the care they deserve.”

To support Tampa Bay Abortion Fund’s travel campaign, please visit our secure payment platform and choose “travel support” from the drop down menu. For more information about TBAF, or to get assistance with abortion funding or practical support, visit tbafund.com. Learn more about TBAF’s upcoming events on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.


The Tampa Bay Abortion Fund removes financial and logistical barriers to abortion access. It specifically assists pregnant people seeking abortion at providers throughout Tampa Bay and assists Floridians needing to seek care with providers out-of-state. TBAF is volunteer-run and funds our callers through donations and grants.


Tampa Bay Abortion Fund

McKenna Kelley

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