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**Please note that the following are outside links. If you’re seeking abortion in the Greater Tampa Bay Area, TBAF will help you navigate these resources and talk to you about resources available to you. Once you’ve made an appointment, give us a call at 727.314.3956 and we can help!

Find a clinic near you:

Other Resources for Finding a Clinic Near You:

Funding Assistance:

Talklines/Helplines for Emotional Support:
  • Miscarriage & Abortion Hotline: support to self-manage your miscarriage or abortion
  • All-Options Talkline: peer-based counseling and support
  • Reprocare Healthline: peer-based, trauma-informed emotional support
    • 833-226-7821
  • Connect & Breathe: an after-abortion nonjudgemental balkline
  • Exhale: After-Abortion Textline

Information about Abortion:

Other Useful Resources:

Other Abortion Funds Serving Florida:

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