Clinics & Contact Info

Tampa Bay Abortion Fund

TBAF removes financial and logistical barriers to abortion access. We specifically assist pregnant people seeking abortion at providers in several counties surrounding Tampa Bay.

Abortion is STILL legal in Florida!

Partner Clinics:



St. Petersburg

*TBAF provides practical support to these clinics. If you need transportation to or from these clinics, please let us know.

How to Get Assistance:

Contact us by calling our intake line and answering all questions in the message. Ensure that you first have an appointment at one of our partner clinics listed here. If you’re in need of financial assistance towards your appointment: don’t forget to ask the clinic to screen you for the national funding assistance programs.

Intake Line: 727.314.3956

Our Intake Line is staffed by volunteers. We ask your patience as it may take up to 48 hours to respond, especially on weekends or holidays.

Interested in information about Self-Managed Abortion with Pills? Read more at

TBAF is partnering with out-of-state clinics in preparation of the implementation of HB5.

Read more about HB5 here. This new law is expected to go into effect starting on July 1st, 2022. If you are in need of assistance, please reach out to TBAF or visit Some of our new partners, for July 1st planning, include the clinics listed below.

Out of State Clinics (Supported for Florida Residents):

For other resources (helplines, info about abortion, links to other Abortion Funds, info about self-managed abortion, etc), please visit:

Want to get involved?

The Tampa Bay Abortion Fund is a proud recipient of grants from Resist, the National Women’s Law Center, National Network of Abortion Fund (NNAF)’s Collective Power Fund, National Network of Abortion Fund (NNAF)’s Rapid Response/Emergency Relief, Digital Defense Fund, Tara Health Foundation, and Jane’s Due Process.