At Tampa Bay Abortion Fund, we believe in safe, accessible abortion. Period.

We aim to break down the barriers to abortion access for Tampa Bay-area and Florida residents by providing financial assistance, logistical support and practical support like transportation and childcare. Our goal is care, compassion and dignity, not shame and stigma. 

We believe the quality of your abortion experience shouldn’t depend on where you live or how much money you make. But Florida’s cruel and unnecessary 15-week ban harms people with regular jobs, people struggling to make ends meet, and communities that are already most marginalized. These bans prevent everyday working people from accessing care close to home — putting abortion physically and financially out of reach for many of us. 

That’s where Tampa Bay Abortion Fund comes in. Tampa Bay Abortion Fund provides financial and practical support to callers seeking abortion in the Tampa Bay area and those who are forced to leave Florida to access abortion past 15 weeks of pregnancy. 

With the 15-week ban, Florida politicians have made it impossible for some people to receive abortion care without traveling hundreds of miles. That means taking off of work, finding money to travel and looking for childcare. It’s a cruel and unfair burden, but Tampa Bay Abortion Fund is dedicated to supporting you every step of the way to get the care you need and deserve — no matter what.

We partner with clinics in the Tampa Bay area as well as clinics and abortion funds in other states to ensure all Tampa Bay-area residents and Floridians can access the care they need, when they need it.

We believe that abortion access is a community responsibility and are committed to ensuring all Tampa Bay-area residents can access safe abortion care no matter what

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* Tampa Bay Abortion Fund ads are grant-supported and not paid for by donations. All donations directly fund abortion care and practical support.

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