Clinics Where We Offer Financial Support to Abortion-Seekers

If you need help with: financial assistance, logistical support, or practical support (like transportation, childcare, etc)TBAF can help.

If you already have an appointment, and need financial, practical, or logistical support, please Fill Out Our Intake Form here, or call us at 727.314.3956.

TBAF currently funds at specific clinics for financial support. Below are the clinics that we are currently working with, and links to their websites for information on how to schedule with them.

Florida Clinics:

(Supported for anyone in Florida or coming to Florida)



St. Petersburg:



For assistance:
Fill out our Intake Form
or call us at 727.314.3956.

If you are seeking abortion care, and would like to see a list of all abortion clinics and options for access near you (including ones that TBAF does not currently work with),
you can visit:,
text “hello” to 202.883.4620,
or contact the National Abortion Hotline at 800.772.9100.

Interested in information about Self-Managed Abortion with Pills?

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