Tampa Bay Abortion Fund Statement on Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization SCOTUS Decision

Tampa Bay Abortion Fund Statement on Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization SCOTUS Decision

No matter the decisions of courts or legislators, Tampa Bay Abortion Fund will not stop helping clients exercise their legal, human right to abortion care


TAMPA, Florida — June 24, 2022 — While we have expected the Supreme Court’s decision to decimate the constitutional rights to abortion that were protected by Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey, rights that are supported by the majority of Americans, Tampa Bay Abortion Fund has a clear message for our community: We decide our destiny, not the Supreme Court.

“Tampa Bay Abortion Fund will continue supporting pregnant people who need abortions regardless of the barriers that legislators and justices raise on the national level or here in Florida,” says Kris Lawler, TBAF Board President. “This decision will clearly separate states within the U.S. into two categories — abortion-safe states, with legally protected, accessible abortion care, and abortion-hostile states, with varying levels of punishing, dangerous, and even complete, restrictions to abortion care.”

According to the Guttmacher Institute’s analysis of state laws, the Supreme Court justices have enabled legislators to put abortion access out of reach for people in more than half the country. Abortion funds like TBAF will be here to mitigate that damage and make abortion accessible for the people most impacted, including low-income, rural and BIPOC people. These individuals are often already facing barriers such as a lack of childcare, lack of transportation and a lack of funding. Last year, TBAF helped fund abortion care for 614 clients, and the SCOTUS decision, coupled with new restrictions that have already been enacted in Florida, ensure that number will be far surpassed in 2022.

In advance of Florida’s 15-week abortion ban on July 1, we have been building capacity and expanding our networks through partnerships with clinics and organizations in safe states. We are anticipating that approximately 40% of our patients will need to seek care in other states once the 15-week ban goes into effect. Considering that Florida has historically been a receiving state for people from other southern states with more restrictive abortion laws, we will need to depend on our networks in safer, northern states to help as many people as possible get the care they seek. The current list of out-of-state clinics supported by TBAF is growing and is available to view on the homepage of tbafund.com.

In addition to providing access for our clients, Tampa Bay Abortion Fund also believe patients should be informed of their range of abortion care options, including self-managed abortion. As misinformation about about SMA spreads and abortion restrictions increase, it’s critical that everyone knows the facts about abortion pills, evidence-based best practices for use in ending a pregnancy, and legal risks involved. We have partnered with Plan C Pills (plancpills.org) to share detailed, expert information on self-managed abortion through abortion pills.

And, in preparation for the shifting legal landscape for those who provide access to abortion in Florida and across the country, TBAF has brought on Tampa human rights attorney Gretchen Cothron as counsel. Ms. Cothron is also a criminal defense attorney and Chair of the ACLU of Florida’s Greater Tampa Bay Legal Panel.

Our first priority is always to serve our clients. Our plans to help clients will not change. TBAF is calling on the Tampa Bay community to help spread the message about abortion options, including self-managed abortion, and to continue funding abortion care. We are 100% volunteer-run, and our clients come first in our time and energy. You can help us by volunteering to drive clients to their appointments, provide childcare during appointments, take intake calls, spread the word to everyone on self-managed abortion and donate.

To donate or volunteer visit tbafund.com.


The Tampa Bay Abortion Fund removes financial and logistical barriers to abortion access. It specifically assists pregnant people needing support seeking abortion at providers throughout Tampa Bay. TBAF is volunteer-run and funds our callers through donations and grants.



Tampa Bay Abortion Fund


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