Billboard Press Release

Tampa Bay Abortion Fund and the Liberate Abortion Coalition begin billboard campaign in honor of National Abortion Provider Appreciation Day 3/10

Billboard Press Release

(3/8/22) FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: The Tampa Bay Abortion Fund (TBAF) and Liberate Abortion are flying a Celebrate Abortion Providers billboard from March 9th through March 12th to commemorate Abortion Provider Appreciation Day.

On March 10, 1993, Dr. David Gunn was murdered by a white supremacist, anti-abortion extremist. As a way to honor the life and work of Dr. Gunn and all abortion care providers, March 10th became the National Day of Appreciation for Abortion Providers.

Tampa Bay Abortion Fund is hosting a rally at the base of the billboard on March 11th from 4-5:00 to commemorate Dr. Gunn and other abortion providers and celebrate our local abortion clinics.

Sharmin Hossain, Campaign Director at Liberate Abortion and Liberate Abortion Action Fund: “Today, we come together to honor and celebrate all abortion providers who have continued to put themselves on the line to fight for safe and accessible abortion for all. As different states continue to create these bounty-hunter styled bans to attack and threaten abortion providers, we are standing beside them and will make sure they stay protected in this fight. Right now, Florida is an integral player in the fight to liberate abortion, as many people in surrounding states with some of the most restrictive abortion bans to date rely on abortion providers in Florida to help them get the care they need. We thank abortion providers for all that they do, you are crucial in this fight to liberate abortion, and we will stand by your side.”

“TBAF is grateful for the partnership with all our trusted providers, local and nationwide. Last year, together, we secured access for over 600 clients and we continue to stand united,” said TBAF board president Kris Lawler.

Tampa billboard details:

3/9 through 3/12
1400 N Boulevard, Tampa, FL 33607
(W Laurel St and N Blvd off of I-275)
Visible from Riverfront Park
Minutes away from three TBAF partner abortion clinics

Tampa Bay Abortion Fund (TBAF) funds abortion and provides practical and logistical support for pregnant people in Tampa Bay at clinics in Tampa, St. Petersburg and Clearwater. We also partner with additional clinics throughout Florida and out of state for patients from Tampa Bay, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina and Texas.

Tampa Bay Abortion Fund is a member of the National Network of Abortion Funds, the National Abortion Federation and the Liberate Abortion Campaign. Tampa Bay Abortion Fund – Safe, legal, accessible abortion ( This is TBAF’s third billboard campaign in the Tampa Bay area.

Liberate Abortion is a multitactical coalition to expand power, grow compassion, provide education, and build a groundswell of support for abortion access. Liberate Abortion

For more information or comment from TBAF, contact or visit


Share your love for Abortion Providers by filling out some love letters and bringing them with you to our billboard event. TBAF Volunteers will deliver them to our local clinics to share the love!

We created some starter images/postcards here:

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