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TAMPA, FLORIDA, May 1 — Tampa Bay Abortion Fund is proud to announce that we have been appointed a member of the Collective Power Fund of the National Network of Abortion Funds (NNAF). The Collective Power Fund (CPF) is a direct response to NNAF’s 2016 Strategic Plan to redesign the Tiller Fund to redistribute direct abortion funding dollars directly to abortion funds. 

From NNAF, “We heard that funds, clinics and callers shared a desire for a streamlined system for accessing extra money to cover the cost of an abortion in their state. We learned that people seeking support from abortion funds often cite their local fund as the best part of their abortion experience! Most of all, we heard the immense need for more money on the ground to pay for abortion. The Collective Power Fund, begun in 2019, distributes abortion funding to now 35 member organizations across more than 20 states. Funding is concentrated in the South and Midwest, where it’s often hardest to get an abortion and an explicit priority we heard through the stakeholder process.”

“During this year’s Fund-A-Thon, Tampa Bay Abortion Fund’s largest annual fundraising event, we have  raised more than $13,700,” said Lydia, one of TBAF’s Fund-A-Thon Co-chairs. “Raising $13,700 took ten fundraising teams working with over 200 individual donors, over three months. The Collective Power Fund Grant almost matches that amount with one grant.”  Fund-A-Thon Co-chair Kris Lawler continued, “We are overwhelmed by the support from individuals in our community, who opened their hearts and their wallets to help low-income people access this essential healthcare. We hope that the philanthropic sector will see that our community members know that funding abortion is crucial, and take the lead from NNAF and the Collective Power Fund.” 

At TBAF’s Fund-a-Thon event, Brandi Collins-Calhoun, from the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy, spoke about this requirement for the philanthropic sector, “It is not sustainable to completely rely on one space or one or two donors for anything – let alone something as large and essential as funding abortion.” She added, “Access to abortion is an issue across portfolios. If you’re funding child care, you should be funding abortion. If you’re funding small businesses, you should be funding abortion. If you’re funding maternal mortality, you should be funding abortion.”

“We hope the philanthropic sector will follow in NNAF’s footsteps and fund services that the community knows is needed and essential” Kris summed up, “it is incredible to have the support of NNAF and to be a member of the national Collective Power Fund. Together we can build power and fund abortion in Tampa Bay.”

To access abortion and reproductive healthcare support, visit TBAFund.com or call 727-314-3956.


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