Tampa Bay Abortion Force Opposes HB1221- Fetal Diagnosis Abortion Ban

HB1221- Fetal Diagnosis Abortion Ban
Presented to the Hon. Rep. Burton
Members of the House Health and Human Services Committee
April 5, 2021


The Tampa Bay Access Force and Partners Oppose Restrictions on the Right to an Abortion in Florida. We urge the members of the Health and Human Services Committee to vote no on HB1221. This bill is an attack on the state’s constitutional right to privacy and a pregnant person’s right to determine their own medical interests with their doctor.

The looming threat of this bill has led the Tampa Bay Access Force to draw together a coalition of local and regional organizations aligned with abortion rights and access to oppose its passage.

Our coalition opposes any attempts to limit the ability for Floridians to access an abortion and especially for our legislative resources to be diverted from far more pressing healthcare and economic issues like COVID relief.

We take issue with HB1221’s premise to limit abortion based on the results of prenatal genetic testing. HB1221 seeks to ban abortion of results of prenatal genetic testing, which grossly impedes the constitutional right to privacy between a person and their doctor. Abortion is a personal and complex decision that must be left up to a pregnancy person in consultation with their family, faith, and healthcare provider.

While limiting abortion access by a month or more is problematic on its own, even more alarming is the potential that this bill has to limit abortion even more in the future. This bill does not address the serious underlying concerns that lead to discrimination of those with disabilities in the community.

Please find below the list of individuals and organizations who have signed on to this opposition as of April 5, 2021 below.


Zip Code

Tampa Bay Access Force — SPONSOR34695
A Woman’s Choice of Jacksonville 32216
Access Reproductive Care-Southeast 30357
American Atheists 32309
Carolina Abortion Fund 27701
Charlotte Uprising 28269
Direct Action Everywhere Pinellas 33701
Emergency Medical Assistance 33486
Equality Florida 33733
Florida National Organization for Women 32835
Florida Health Justice Project33156
Florida National Organization for Women Education Fund32903
Florida Policy Action Network32301
Greater Orlando National Organization for Women32835
Holler Health Justice25339
Indigenous Women Rising87194
Interfaith Students for Reproductive Health & Justice USF Tampa33620
Latina Institute for Reproductive Justice Florida33137
League of Women Voters Broward33021
League of Women Voters of the Space Coast32926
Lilith Fund78768
Jane’s Due Process78768
Mississippi Reproductive Freedom Fund39204
National Organization for Women Jacksonville Chapter32201
National Organization for Women Pasco Chapter34656
National Organization for Women Pinellas Chapter33706
New Orleans Abortion Fund70119
New River Abortion Access Fund24060
Planned Parenthood Generation Action USF Tampa33620
Presidential Women’s Center33407
Pro-Choice Advocacy League33868
Reproductive Health Access Project, Florida Chapter10025
Sex Worker Solidarity Network33609
Tampa Bay Abortion Fund34695
Tampa Bay Area Harm Reduction33609
Tampa Bay Housing Justice Committee Working Group33609
Tampa Woman’s Health Center33612
Texas Equal Access Fund75222
Women’s Emergency Network33256
Women’s March Central Gulf Coast34609
Women’s Voices Media33776
Yellowhammer Fund35401

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